Jenna Ortega thought nobody was going to watch 'Wednesday.'

Jenna Ortega was surprised at the success of Wednesday

Jenna Ortega was surprised at the success of Wednesday

The 20-year-old actress stars in the title role of the Netflix series that serves as a spin-off to The Addams Family franchise alongside the likes of Hollywood stars such as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Christina Ricci but admitted that she thought the show surpassed her expectations.

She told The Sunday Times: " I didn’t expect the reaction. The ['Wednesday'] cast and I, I remember, we used to talk about it in Romania [where the show was filmed], we were like, ‘Hey, what do you think will happen with the show?’ That was it, that was the most we ever really got into it. So I thought it wasn’t going to be watched. That it will be a nice little gem that someone finds, but …"

Jenna started her career on the Disney Channel series 'Stuck in the Middle' and went on to explain that the level of fame she experiences now as a result of playing Wednesday as "intimidating" as she admitted she was able to live a "normal life" before the Netflix hit propelled her to success.

She said: "I used to do a Disney show when I was younger. I was a little bit of a public figure, used to get recognised, or whatever. When I look back, I think I was so out of place. I didn’t understand where I was … and you start to see Hollywood for the first time, and it’s a bit intimidating, a bit off-putting … I felt like I was a people’s princess. I didn’t really feel like myself. Then it started to slow down and I lived a pretty normal life!"