Joseph Gordon-Levitt was hospitalised after a bike accident on the set of 'Power'.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The 37-year-old actor was busy shooting the Netflix sci-fi thriller in New Orleans with Jamie Foxx when he was thrown over the handlebars of a bicycle, injuring his arm.

Joseph shared a video that was taken during his accident, with his back wheel visibly launching into the air.

Referring to a similar accident while shooting 'Premium Rush' in 2012, he captioned the video: "I have bad luck shooting on bikes."

He was later seen on set holding an ice pack on his arm and shared a video of himself being wheeled into urgent care before revealing an x-ray of his arm.

Joseph doesn't appear to have been seriously hurt, but it is unclear what the exact injury is.

'Power' features Jamie, 50, as a family man who has suffered a great loss, while Joseph stars as a cop who takes matters into his own hands and it centres on a drug epidemic that gives people superpowers.

Meanwhile, the 'Interstellar' actor - who has two sons, aged three and 15 months, with wife Tasha McCauley - previously admitted he finds the idea of celebrity "unhealthy" and he feels "bad" about his position in the public eye.

He previously said: "What I don't like [about acting] is: I guess since the heyday of Hollywood, there has been a merging of actors and royalty and celebrity.

"It's tough to complain, because it's a really privileged life I get to lead, [but] the whole celebrity thing is unhealthy and I feel bad perpetuating it."