Katie Price feels under-appreciated by the general public.

Katie Price feels under-appreciated by the general public

Katie Price feels under-appreciated by the general public

The 45-year-old star shot to fame as a topless model under the pseudonym of Jordan in the late 1990s and graced the covers of several high-end magazines but claimed that all these years later she is not really"appreciated" by people in general and insisted she is a genuine model who has achieved longevity.

Speaking on 'The Katie Price Show' podcast, she said: "If they still did magazine shoots, cover shoots, I would love to do them anymore. There's not one magazine I didn't do a cover for. I did Cosmopolitan, New Women, Elle magazine cover, Night and Day, FHM, GQ, Esquire, Loaded. I even got FHM Girl of the Year.

"People don't really appreciate what I've done. I'm what they say is a real model. I am a real, tested, long-term real model in the way that I don't do just do pictures."

The Page 3 legend - who went on to release six autobiographies and carved out a successful television career - also recalled that she used to get "bored" easily at photoshoots back in the day because of the amount of "unnecessary" people that would turn up but when it comes to doing interviews is still of the mindset that she is an open book and will answer whatever is asked of her.

She added: "When I used to turn up at a shoot, and it's still like it these days, you get too many chefs. The amount of people would turn up would be so unnecessary. I used to think 'Will you all just f*** off?' I used to get bored quick but I used to get the content done quick. When you do the interviews - and I'm still like it now - I don't wanna see the questions, they can ask whatever they want and I'll answer it as I want. Some of the lads' mags were raunchy so I was into the sex and all that then so it sort of went with me."

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