Kerry Katona has put feelings of "guilt and shame" over her drug addiction in the past after having reconstructive surgery on her nose.

Kerry Katona is healing after nose surgery

Kerry Katona is healing after nose surgery

The Atomic Kitten star, 43, spent years battling a cocaine habit and it left her nasal passages crumbling so she has undergone an operation to rebuild her nose using tissue from other areas of her body and she has now insisted the surgery has allowed her to close "that chapter" of her life and move on.

In a post on Instagram after the op, she wrote: "Even thou [sic] it's been almost 15 years since those awful dark days and even thou that chapter of my life is well and truly closed it's hard not to hang on to those negative unnecessary thoughts of shame, guilt, embarrassment, also desperation, loneliness, heartbreak.

"But also strength, resilience, determination and forgiveness! Forgiving yourself is probably the most hardest of them all.

"I really hope my mistakes can become lessons for others in their hour of desperation to give you hope and inspiration never to give up on yourself."

She added of her surgery: "This was not a vanity procedure! I had a hole in the middle of my nose from all the drug abuse back in the day which I never intended to get fixed as I wanted it to be left as a reminder, but over the years the hole hasn’t helped my breathing and left little support so it was a necessary surgery to do!

"And I’m so nervous about the end result but I know I went to the best doctor."

Kerry previously opened up about the surgery in her column for new! magazine, she explained: "They're going to use a piece of bone from my rib to repair it."

She went on to reveal the damage to her nose has left her with a constant sniffle which she's hoping the operation will fix. She added: "The only thing is I’m always sniffing – my kids say they can hear me in a shop before they see me!"

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