Reports are flooding in that divisive YouTube star Kevin Samuels has passed away at the age of 56, though no confirmation has been presented to the press or the influencer’s social media accounts. The rumour is now trending on Twitter, but rather than a heavy influx of condolences and sorrow from his fans, it seems many are taking to the platform to remind people of some of his more hurtful views.

Kevin Samuels / YouTube

Kevin Samuels / YouTube

Throughout his career as a “relationship guru”, Samuels has made controversial comments about women - especially black women - who are single mothers, older than 35, overweight and daring to have any kind of high standard when it comes to dating men. Often these comments have been made directly to female individuals themselves.

His supporters have called him brutally honest, “telling it like it is” and erasing the double-standards when it comes to what men want and what women want. But an overwhelming number of viewers have taken to Twitter to remind those supporters that he often molded his own double-standards, and used his platform of 1.42 million subscribers to degrade women for their looks and their life choices.

Among some of his more famous comments are: “We don’t care about your money; it ain’t ours. We care about the fact that you are older, and you got kids, and you’re average in looks.”

And: “I don’t know what you’re talking about that a man shouldn’t cheat or whatever when you broke the first rule that men want women who are fit. At 5 foot 8 and 220 pounds, you weigh more than a man at your height… I need you to get fit, feminine, friendly, cooperative and submissive in order to find a man.”

His fans are lambasting those who refuse to show any compassion towards his passing, while those who call him “cruel”, “disgraceful” and “disrespectful” insist that they are not, in fact, celebrating his death - they are merely refusing to mourn him. 

Whether you’re sorry or not about Samuels’ alleged death, the fact remains that we are still waiting on confirmation for his passing - though there are some reports that he suffered a cardiac arrest.

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