Lea Seydoux claims that growing older is "like a disease" in the United States.

Lea Seydoux feels grateful to be a European actress

Lea Seydoux feels grateful to be a European actress

The 38-year-old actress admits that she feels fortunate to be a film star in Europe as she thinks that famous faces are judged are differently on the other side of the Atlantic.

Speaking to The Sunday Times newspaper, Lea said: "You have to enhance everything in the States. Everything has to be heightened. It's a whole way of thinking that is different to here in Europe.

"Maybe because it's a young country? So people want to stay young for ever? It's a society that is infantilising and you cannot get older in America, you know? It's almost like a disease there, getting older."

Lea insists that the standards apply to both men and women.

The 'Dune: Part Two' star said: "It's the same for men. It's part of their culture. In America you are always infantilised. From the adverts you see in the streets to the writing they put on their cereal packets. I feel lucky to be a European actress."

Seydoux appeared in two James Bond films in the role of Dr. Madeleine Swann and explained that it made sense for her to be an equal of Daniel Craig's 007 as it "reflects the society we're living in".

She said: "It would've been weird to do Bond nowadays with a guy who is super-misogynistic. It has to reflect the society we're living in."

Lea has spoken out about sexual harassment in the film industry and reflected on the differences in cinema in the wake of the #MeToo movement and the downfall of disgraced mogul Harvey Weinstein.

She said: "There was cinema before the #MeToo movement, and after. And it is crazy — I have experienced both. Certain things were accepted that now seem surreal."