Lenny Kravitz is "ready" for love.

Lenny Kravitz is ready for love

Lenny Kravitz is ready for love

The 'American Woman' singer - who turns 60 on Sunday (26.05.24) - is "just open" for a relationship and although he finds it hard "not to look" for a partner, he thinks the best approach to finding a significant other is to put the situation to the back of his mind.

Asked if he has a partner or is looking for one, he told 'CBS Mornings' presenter Gayle King: "It's hard not to look. You know when you desire something you're looking for it, right? But I find that when you don't look is when you find it.

"And I'm at a place where I've said this for several years, 'I'm ready. I'm ready. I'm ready.' I wasn't ready. I thought I was ready, right?'

"But, I can say that I've have never felt how I feel now."

Lenny insisted he doesn't feel the need to "work" at his reputation for being cool and sexy.

Gayle asked: "Are you aware of the effect you have on people or is this something that you have to work at?'"

He replied: "I don't work on it at all. And I don't think about it but I am aware of people's reaction.'

The 'Fly Away' hitmaker grew up to be a "people pleaser" but his daughter Zoe Kravitz - who he has with Lisa Bonet - has taught him the importance of setting his own boundaries.

He said: "I think I was raised – not purposely, but to be a people pleaser. Where I put a lot of people's feelings before mine. Because I want to see folks happy. And that can be detrimental if you go overboard with that.

"For some reason, I'm still that 16-year-old kid trying to get the record deal."

"That's something that I've been exercising and growing in. Where no is necessary – at times. And this is something that I actually learned from my daughter. She's so good at creating her boundaries. And boundaries are healthy, you know? But that generation, they don't have time to play."