Lil Nas X is being slammed for dressing as a bloodied tampon for Halloween.

Lil Nas X is being slammed for dressing as a bloodied tampon for Halloween

Lil Nas X is being slammed for dressing as a bloodied tampon for Halloween

The 24-year-old rapper showed off his bizarre costume choice by posting a video to his Instagram that saw him walking away from a giant hairy vagina ‘sculpture’ on the street while trailing a tampon string behind his outfit, which he paired with a blonde wig and knee-high white boots.

His comments section has been filing with outraged and disgusted posts, mostly from women, asking him everything from “Why?” to branding him disgusting.

One said: “I enjoy this look but the fact that you personally have never experienced the stigma, shame or pain involved with having a period makes me pause and think… But why though?”

Another branded his move “misogynistic” while another critic hit out: “Gay men often think they can get a pass without realizing they can be equally misogynistic… it’s not up to cis men to make light of things like this.”

Yet another outraged fan said: “Lil Nas X dressing up as a bloody tampon is the most annoying thing I’ve seen tonight. He does nothing except romanticise things that give women pain.”

Another said: “As a woman, I feel disrespected by his actions. Lil Nas X is cancelled forever.”

Lil Nas X – born Montero Lamar Hill – is renowned for his shock outfits, and famously covered his body with silver paint and crystals for the Met Gala 2023.

Last month he was forced to arrive late to the premiere of his documentary ‘Lil Nas X: Long Live Montero’ due to an alleged bomb threat during the Toronto International Film Festival.

The special screening at the event was intended to take place at 10pm local time but as the rapper arrived to the premiere organisers were made aware of a phoned-in warning that was designed to target the Grammy winner for being “a black queer artist”.

The star’s arrival on the red carpet was delayed by 20 minutes as security searched the Roy Thomson Hall theatre before announcing there was “not a credible threat”.

Lil Nas X, who publicly came out as a gay in June 2019, recently told Variety: “I feel like we live in a generation where black queer people really control culture, and they’re helping really take the world to the next level.”

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