Mabel has reportedly split from her boyfriend Rome Flynn for the second time.



The 25-year-old singer began a relationship with the actor last year but the pair called time on the relationship just six months later.

However, they rekindled their long-distance love in April when the 'Don't Call Me Up' hitmaker was recording new music in the US but they have now ended things once again.

An insider suggested that the long-distance between the pair, with Mabel based in the UK and Rome working in Los Angeles, meant that the relationship was a struggle.

The source told The Sun newspaper: "Mabel and Rome have a lot of chemistry but it’s no secret their relationship faced serious challenges. He lives in LA while she is based in the UK and they both travel a lot for work.

"When you consider those factors, it is a pretty unlikely romance. But they like each other so much, so they agreed to try again earlier this year.

"Things were much more in their favour while they were actually in the same country. But unfortunately it still didn’t work out and they are both single again."

Mabel - the daughter of singer Neneh Cherry and producer Cameron McVey - revealed last year that she had moved back in with her parents during the coronavirus lockdown to help cope with her anxiety.

She explained: "I just thought it was going to be too hard, when I already have a lot of struggles with my mental health."

The 'Boyfriend' singer also admitted that she accepts the fact that she will be battling with anxiety for the remainder of her life.

Mabel said: "When I was younger, I always felt like maybe if I had a boyfriend, or if I dyed my hair this colour, or if I had a No1 album, then the anxiety would go away, but it's who I am and I actually love that.

"I had this misconception that confidence was becoming the person that I wanted to be and I know now that confidence is actually being 100 per cent OK with who you really are.

"Now, I can hear the little voice in my head and I'm just like, 'OK, you're there, but I'm not going to believe everything you say.'"

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