Maks Chmerkovskiy felt "helpless" being away from his wife Peta Murgatroyd when she miscarried.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy when Peta Murgatroyd suffered her third miscarriage

Maksim Chmerkovskiy when Peta Murgatroyd suffered her third miscarriage

The 42-year-old dancer - who already has a five-year-old son called Shai with Peta, 35, - was shooting 'Dancing With the Stars' in Ukraine back in 2021 when his wife lost their baby and Maks has admitted that his "priorities have shifted" since the tragedy.

He said: "I'm just here to make sure that everything goes well, regardless of what it is. I feel like that's my job. And then when everybody's fine, I get to be tended to. But it was crazy. It makes you feel helpless. And for a dude like me, like all my priorities have completely shifted."

The 'Dancing with the Stars' professionals have been married since 2017 and Peta has suffered a total of three miscarriages during their time together, with Maks describing the last one as the "as dark" as love can get.

He told PEOPLE: "I think the darkest part is when the person you are in love with calls you and she says that she had a miscarriage in the bathroom, that's as dark as it can get."

"I just need to be supportive of someone else's process. I try to do my best in just supporting Peta and her journey in figuring herself out because that's what this is. I always try to fix things and I realized that it's not me or mine to fix. I'm a changed man because of this experience."

Meanwhile, Peta - who suffered her first miscarriage in Whole Foods back in 2020 while Maks was at work and went on to lose another baby less than a year later while he was away on tour - remains hopeful that the couple will eventually have a second baby together after seeking help from a team of fertility doctors.

She said: "When? Why me? Why can't I have another child when it was so easy in the past? All of these questions just really bothered me and that's what brought me to finally see a specialist."