Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell often feel like "ships passing in the night".

Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell like 'ships passing in the night'

Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell like 'ships passing in the night'

Although the couple fell in love while playing Soviet spies posing as a married couple 'The Americans' - which ran for six seasons between 2013 and 2018 - and went on to marry and have son Sam, now eight, together, Matthew admitted that their work schedules rarely align anymore.

He explained to PEOPLE: "What we try to do is – how many of our friends do it – one works when the other one doesn't [so there is always] a parent in the house.

"There are moments where you're ships passing in the night to a degree, and that makes it a little tricky.

"But we try not to disrupt home life too much. So that's how we've generally done it. And for the most part, up until now, it seems to work.

"We definitely would work together [again], we've said that before. We've just waited. We always said ‘The Americans’ was so special, it would have to be something akin that we're both so excited to do. It shouldn't just be anything."

Matthew, 49, previously admitted he feared that his workplace relationship could be "disastrous", when he first fell for Keri, 48.

He told New York Post's PageSix: "We were both at an age where we’ve done it long enough to go: ‘You know workplace [romances] can be disastrous.'

"So, I think it was approached with caution and a great deal of trepidation. And coupled with that, for me, was certainly fun and excitement. Thank God it worked!"

The pair actually first met at a party years before they were cast on 'The Americans' together but he blew his chances of dating her after leaving a drunken message on her answering machine.

During an appearance on 'Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen', Rhys explained: "We went to a kickball party hosted by Jennifer Grey ... She gave it [her phone number] to me, but this is where it all falls apart. I have no memory of this because I was very inebriated, but I left a very inebriated message on her answering machine, as people had in those days."

When asked if Russell found his boozy machine message "charming", he replied: "Not in the slightest!"

Before getting together with Rhys, Russell was previously married to contractor Shane Deary and they share two children together - son River and daughter Willa.