Rosamund Pike and Matthew Rhys are to star in the psychological thriller 'Hallow Road'.

Rosamund Pike will star with Matthew Rhys in Hallow Road

Rosamund Pike will star with Matthew Rhys in Hallow Road

The pair have signed up to feature in the new film that is being directed by Babak Anvari from a script by William Gillies.

The movie has been commissioned by London Film and TV and tells the story of two parents who are pitched into a race against time when they get a distressing late-night phone call from their daughter after she causes a tragic car accident.

Production is happening in Ireland and Prague, with Ian Henry of London Film and TV producing with Lucan Toh of Two and Two Pictures and Richard Bolger of Hail Mary Pictures. The picture is being financed by XYZ Films and Screen Ireland.

Anvari told Deadline: "I treasure the opportunity to collaborate with Rosamund and Matthew, two hugely talented actors who I've long admired, on 'Hallow Road'.

"I believe that we can create something emotionally intense, and charged with uncanny terror, that nevertheless taps into something relatable to all families. I can't wait to bring Will's wonderful script to life with this brilliant team."

Henry added: "We are overjoyed to have the opportunity to work with Rosamund Pike and Matthew Rhys, a prestige cast that will elevate this intense drama to new heights, alongside the visionary director, Babak Anvari.

"XYZ and Two and Two Pictures are building a strong portfolio of films together and we are delighted to partner with them for this psychological thriller from Will Gillies, an exciting new screenwriting voice."