Mel Brooks has received an honorary Oscar at the Governors Awards.

Mel Brooks has received an honorary Oscar

Mel Brooks has received an honorary Oscar

The 97-year-old comedy star admitted that the prestigious accolade "really means a lot" to him, after he was serenaded with songs from his legendary career by presenters Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick at The Ray Dolby Ballroom in Los Angeles on Tuesday (09.01.24).

After collecting his award, Mel said: "This is beautiful. I got to tell you, this means a lot to me. It really means a lot."

The iconic star received his first Oscar back in 1968, when he won Best Original Screenplay for 'The Producers', the hit comedy film that he wrote and directed.

But, on this occasion, Mel joked that he he'll be taking better care of his latest Oscar.

The 'Blazing Saddles' star - whose career has spanned more than seven decades - quipped: "I miss it so much. I never should have sold it."

Mel subsequently explained that it "meant a lot" to be awarded a place in his family, as the youngest of four boys.

The acclaimed director then compared his family life to his career in Hollywood.

He said: "It's the same thing in showbusiness. If your fellow writers, directors, etc. like you and appreciate your work, it means a lot. It means a whole lot.

"When your peers appreciate your work and they salute you with this golden statue, it means a great deal."

Before leaving the stage, Mel reiterated that he'll cherish his latest award, joking that he "won't sell this one".

The veteran comedian - who served in the US army during World War Two, before moving into showbiz - quipped: "I won't sell this one, I swear to God!"

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