Michael Sheen has admitted it would "take a lot" for him to work in the US again.

Michael Sheen doesn't need to work in America again

Michael Sheen doesn't need to work in America again

The 'Good Omens' actor - who has 25-year-old daughter Lily with former partner Kate Beckinsale and Lyra, four, and 21-month-old Mabli with girlfriend Anna Lundberg - relocated to Port Talbot in his native Wales a few years ago and admitted he is content to be outside of the Hollywood bubble, working on projects that are important to him.

He told the Sunday Times Culture magazine: “It’d take a lot for me to work in America again — my life is elsewhere...

“[Port Talbot] is home. I feel a deep connection to it.”

The 55-year-old star - who describes himself as a "not for profit" actor because he ploughs his earnings into investing in various charities and arts projects in the local area and admitted his three-day stage of 'The Passion', in which he played Jesus, in Port Talbot in 2011 sowed the seeds of how he wanted to make a difference.

He said: “Once you become aware of difficulties in the area you come from you don’t have to do anything.

“You can live somewhere else, visit family at Christmas and turn a blind eye to injustice. It doesn’t make you a bad person, but I’d seen something I couldn’t unsee.

"I had to apply myself, and I might not have the impact I’d like, but the one thing that I can say is that I’m doing stuff. I know I am — I’m paying for it!”

If Michael could make one change to the world, he'd opt for "something practical" to change the workings of the UK government because he feels it is too "restrictive and non-representational".

Asked what one thing he'd change, he said: “Something practical? Not ‘I want world peace’. I would create a people’s chamber as another branch of government — like the Lords, there’d be a House of People, representing their community.

"Our political system has become restrictive and nonrepresentational, so something to open that up would be good.”

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