Miles Teller "wouldn't wish" the 'Fantastic Four' backlash on any other movie.

Miles Teller and his Fantastic Four castmates

Miles Teller and his Fantastic Four castmates

The 29-year-old actor portrayed Mr. Fantastic in the 2015 Marvel remake and though he enjoyed working alongside the likes of Kate Mara, Jamie Bell and Michael B. Jordan on the film, he admits the fact it was universally panned was "tough", especially because it was always going to be difficult to live up to fan expectations.

He said: "I wasn't starving to be a superhero. Although at the time - it was a couple of years ago - if you're a young man in this business, a part of you is saying, 'I need to get a Marvel project; I need to be a superhero', because you see all these actors you respect being put in that world.

"I would not have wanted to be Spider-Man because I wouldn't want the whole thing riding on my shoulders. I enjoyed the ensemble element of 'Fantastic Four'.

"I wouldn't wish what happened to us on another movie. It's tough, because there are such high expectations. Comic books mean so much to a lot of people."

But despite the film - which scooped three Razzies, awards given to the worst productions across various categories - being a flop, Miles would be open to making a sequel.

Asked if he'd be interested in a follow-up, he told Playboy magazine: "If we do, I hope it comes together in a way that satisfies people. You want to make the fans happy, but you can't please everyone. In our case, we pleased very few."

Meanwhile, the 'War Dogs' actor admitted he refuses to use photo-sharing website Instagram, despite being told it would help further his career.

He said: "With Twitter, I like it because I can put things in my own words. I can write something, and boom, it goes out to however many people. It's important to have your own voice.

"But I don't do Instagram. People are on their phones too much. I've been told that having an Instagram account will help me book more roles, get more endorsement deals. It makes you more of a brand.

"But I'm not interested. I want to build my fan base through movies and movies alone."