Nicole Kidman reportedly missed the annual Academy Awards nominees luncheon due to a torn hamstring.

Nicole Kidman is resting at home

Nicole Kidman is resting at home

The 'Being the Ricardos' actress - who is nominated for her fifth Oscar for her performance as Lucille Ball in the movie - wasn't in attendance at the Fairmount Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles on Monday (07.03.22).

As reported by Variety, she is at her Nashville home "under doctors' orders" where she is recovering from her injury.

It's said the pre-existing injury flared up while she was working on upcoming Amazon series 'Expats' in LA.

A source later told PEOPLE magazine that Nicole is doing OK and is taking it easy during her recovery.

Meanwhile, Nicole recently opened up on how her acting career has sometimes made her ill because her own body couldn't differentiate fact from fiction.

The 54-year-old star explained how she has often fooled her own immune system into thinking her character's suffering is actually real, and she pointed to TV series 'Big Little Lies' – in which she played an abuse survivor – as an example of her body being tricked.

Nicole said: "Parts of the body don't know, a lot of the time, what the difference is [between a role and real life].

"I've started to understand a bit more to take care of yourself."

And while Nicole has won an Academy Award as well as multiple Golden Globe and Emmy gongs during her illustrious career, she is still unsure whether or not she can be defined as "movie star".

Noting she isn't sure how to "define" it, she added: "I'm in a state of just being willing to go with the flow. I'm just still in that place of going, 'I'm not quite sure what defines a movie star.'

"My job is to stay feeling-centric, and emotional, and committed, and interested, and a seeker."

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