North West wants to own Yeezy and Skims.

North West wants to run businesses like her mom and dad

North West wants to run businesses like her mom and dad

Aged just 10, the eldest child of rapper and designer Kanye West, 46, and Kim Kardashian, 43, is already thinking about being a businesswoman like her parents and is eyeing taking over their fashion firms.

In her first solo cover interview with i-D magazine, she said: “One day I want to own Yeezy and Skims, and I want to be a business owner."

Until then, she'd like to earn some pocket money walking dogs to pay for her art tools.

She said: “When I’m, like, thirteen, I want to walk dogs, to make money to buy art supplies, because everything around here is so expensive."

North, who did the edges of her hair for the shoot, told the outlet her biggest style iconic is herself.

She added: "I love doing hair and I got to do my own edges for this shoot."

North is a big sister to the former couple's other children Chicago, five, and sons Saint, seven, and four-year-old Psalm.

Meanwhile, North recently revealed she has dyslexia.

She revealed her learning syndrome in a TikTok Live alongside her mum.

She told fans: “Guys, I have dyslexia. Do you even know what that is?”

Kim then interrupted before North could say anything more, saying: “Northy, you are sure spilling the tea on here.”

Neither Kim or North gave more details about the child’s dyslexia, but the mom-of-four said she “purposely” doesn’t talk about her daughter’s personal life.

The reality star’s daughter’s admission came as Kim admitted she was “scared out of her mind” to tell Kanye she had hired a male nanny to raise their four children.

Speaking on ‘The Kardashians’, Kim said she was amazed at how receptive Kanye was to the nanny’s presence and even spoke with him about techniques he wanted in place for making his kids more independent.

Kim added: “I was scared out of my mind to tell their dad (about the manny.)”

She added about how cordial he has been to the minder: “When he was dropping off the kids, Kanye introduced himself and played (soccer) with Saint and him. He was so nice to him.

“He said: ‘Hey, if you are going to help raise my son…’ because (the manny) handed (Saint) the ball really easily and (Kanye) said: ‘Don’t do that. Make him go get it himself. These are some of the rules I would want.’”

She was so relieved about Kanye’s reaction to the male minder,

She said: “I was like, ‘Oh my god. OK. That’s great.’”

Kim decided to hire a male nanny due to her home being “female-dominated”.

She explained: “I really wanted a male around that was going to be picking (them) up and taking them to sports.”