George Harrison's widow Olivia wants Beatles fans to understand the "man and his humanity".

Olivia Harrison has penned poems in honour of her husband

Olivia Harrison has penned poems in honour of her husband

The 74-year-old author has penned a book of poems called 'Came the Lightening' to mark 20 years since George's death, and Olivia admits she's still dealing with her "grief".

She shared: "It just sort of bubbled up. Emotions, but especially the emotion of grief, strikes whenever it feels like it and I just had a moment of 20 years - how could this possibly be.

"I just wrote something and thought, ‘If I just keep writing I’ll have one for every year’."

The Beatles icon died from lung cancer in November 2001, at the age of 58, and Olivia hopes that 'Came the Lightening' will give fans a deeper insight into her late husband's personality.

She told BBC Radio 4’s 'Woman’s Hour': "George was a real good guy, he was a sweetheart and I wanted to send something out there on this 20th year because I know how much people still think of him, and listen to his music.

"It’s a little bit scary. People know a lot about George through his music, but I wanted them to know what he was like as a person. Small things - I wrote about his body, about very intimate moments. I just wanted people to know a little bit more about the man and his humanity."

Earlier this month, Olivia claimed she gave the Beatles legend a "normal life".

The author - who married the late musician in 1978 - also admitted there were "bumps in the road" in their marriage.

She said: "He wanted this normal life. And I think that was what I gave him.

"So, you know, during our marriage, there was a lot of flirtation, there were some bumps in the road. But we were solid."

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