Peta Murgatroyd has suffered three miscarriages in the last two years.

Peta Murgatroyd has suffered three miscarriages

Peta Murgatroyd has suffered three miscarriages

The 35-year-old dancer thinks the first of her miscarriages was the lowest point in her relationship with Maks Chmerkovskiy.

Peta - who has been married to Maks since 2017 - shared: "I think the darkest part is when the person you are in love with calls you and she says that she had a miscarriage in the bathroom, that's as dark as it can get.

"I was completely embarrassed, ultimately ashamed. I didn't even know how to utter the words and have that sentence come out of my mouth: I had a miscarriage.

"I'm somebody who prides herself on health wellness. I exercise every single day. But as I came to realise, that doesn't really go hand-in-hand with the reproductive system."

Peta suffered a second miscarriage nine months later, and she can still remember Maks' emotional reaction.

The dancer - who is best known for her appearances on 'Dancing with the Stars' - told PEOPLE magazine: "I had to call him and say, 'It's happened again'. This was the first time that I heard him get really upset, which was hard to hear because I know how it affects him too."

By contrast, Peta didn't even know she was pregnant when she miscarried for a third time, and she believes that not knowing made it easier to recover from the heartache.

Peta - who has a five-year-old son called Shai with Maks - explained: "I ultimately had no idea [I was pregnant], which in hindsight was better for my recovery because I didn't have that super joyous moment of, 'I'm pregnant again!'

"I just had the moment of, 'You lost it.'"

Maks, 42, also admits it's been hard for him to "process" the situation.

He said: "I never thought that two healthy, athletic people could be in a predicament like this. It's a lot to process."