Katy Perry has joined the cast of 'Peppa Pig'.

Katy Perry has joined the hit TV show

Katy Perry has joined the hit TV show

The 38-year-old pop star will voice a brand-new character called Ms. Leopard in the hit animated series.

Olivier Dumont, the president of Hasbro Entertainment, said in a statement: "We’re incredibly thrilled to have such an A-list talent join the family-fun adventures in Peppa Pig! As a loving parent and fan of Peppa herself, Katy Perry is a perfect fit to voice the character of Ms. Leopard."

Katy will voice the new character in 'Peppa Pig Wedding Party', a three-part special that celebrates the show's 20th anniversary.

Olivier thinks casting the pop star is "a testament to the worldwide success of Peppa Pig".

Olivier said: "Reaching this brand milestone of two decades and being able to work with outstanding talent like Katy is a testament to the worldwide success of Peppa Pig and her ability to deliver entertainment no fans will want to miss."

Katy gave birth to her daughter, Daisy, back in August 2020, and the award-winning star previously revealed that she relishes the challenge of motherhood.

The singer - who has Daisy with actor Orlando Bloom - told PEOPLE: "It's amazing to see everything new again through a toddler's eyes."

Katy has also described her daughter as being "fearless".

What's more, the pop star claimed that Daisy is a "combination" of both of her parents.

The 'California Gurls' hitmaker - who started dating Orlando in 2016 - explained: "Daisy is great. She is a combination of both me and her father, which we are fearless with lots of chutzpah and just big characters. So the combination of us both is definitely coming out."