Russell T Davies wants Olly Alexander to be the next Doctor Who.

Russel T Davies

Russel T Davies

The former 'Doctor Who' showrunner has endorsed the 30-year-old star to become the 14th Doctor as rumours swirl that Jodie Whitakker's tenure in the TARDIS will soon come to an end.

Speaking to SFX Magazine: "Olly would make a marvellous 'Doctor Who'."

Years & Years singer Olly was cast by Davies in his new Channel 4 drama series 'It's A Sin' - which follows a group of homosexual friends during the 1980s AIDS epidemic - as Richie Tozer alongside Callum Scott Howells, Stephen Fry and Neil Patrick Harris.

In one scene, Olly's alter ego Richie lands a role in an ‘80s episode of 'Doctor Who' that pays homage to 'Resurrection of the Daleks'.

However, the nostalgic scene hasn't inspired Davies to return to the BBC series - which he was responsible for bringing back to television screens in 2005 following its cancellation in 1989 - as he lost track of the plot.

Asked if he wants to return to 'Doctor Who', he said: “Not particularly, to be honest. I don't understand it all these days. Literally.”

Although, Davies would be interested in writing for a new science-fiction programme or fantasy show after Olly explained he wants to play someone on screen with magical powers.

The 'King' hitmaker previously said: “I do want to play someone with magic powers. So I definitely am open to being, like, a sexy gay witch.”

Asked if Olly's ambition might lure Davies back to genre television, the 57-year-old screenwriter said: “Well, that might change my mind actually. If I could think of an ‘Olly with magical powers’ show that’d be good.”