Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, believes "saucy underwear" can revive a tired relationship.

Sarah, Duchess of York, gave out relationship advice

Sarah, Duchess of York, gave out relationship advice

The 64-year-old author - who was previously married to Prince Andrew - advised the "element of surprise" can be just what is needed to bring the "magic" back into a stale romance and suggested planning a "treat" would help.

Answering viewers' relationship questions on 'This Morning' on Monday (20.11.23), Sarah - who was also guest editing the show heard from a woman who was struggling to balance intimacy with her husband alongside her duties as a mother.

The duchess advised: “You pop down and get [to] a lovely, saucy underwear department, [put some] in your chest of drawers and you blow-dry your hair, and take him out on a treat.

“It needs to be more treats that he is lost for words. So you say to him, ‘Don’t worry tonight, darling, we are going to pop off somewhere’, and you’ve arranged the whole thing and it’s all organised.

“It’s the element of surprise. It will bring the magic back into your relationship.

“Get that sexy underwear out!”

The woman thanked her and promised Sarah she would get to Ann Summers as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, amother viewer bemoaned her relationship had come to a "standstill" and lost its "spark", prompting the 'Her Heart for a Compass' writer to suggest she take charge.

After learning that the couple used to bond over climbing, she said: “I think you need to get a weekend away climbing and he’s not allowed to complain, it’s a surprise, and all the friends are brought in on it.

“And you have to go, and it’s an afternoon on Friday, get time off work, and you say, ‘Darling, it’s your weekend, it’s a special weekend for you’.

“And I know everyone is going to say, ‘Well, it should be up to the man, it should be up to the man to do it.’

“You know women are in charge, so you might as well take charge and go climbing for the weekend.

She finally advised the woman to say, “We can have a lovely weekend with the saucy underwear on.’”