Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, loves how "kind" King Charles is.

Sarah, Duchess of York, praised King Charles

Sarah, Duchess of York, praised King Charles

The 64-year-old author - who was previously married to the monarch's brother, Prince Andrew - "loves" the fact the 75-year-old royal is devoted to his grandchildren and wasn't surprised that his wife Queen Camilla had spoken out to praise his hands-on attitude to family life.

Speaking on 'This Morning' on Monday (20.11.23), host Alison Hammond said: “Camilla says that Charles is a hands-on grandfather who will get down on his knees, crawl around with the children for an hour, making funny noises and laughing.”

The duchess - who was guest editing the programme - agreed: “He is such a kind man, they both are. Both the King and Queen.

“They are very kind - they both love their grandchildren and I love that.”

Former Conservative MP Gyles Brandreth is a friend of the royal family and he has seen the "easy" relationship the king has with the youngsters in the household up close.

He said: “The king is my role model.

“I have seen the king with his grandchildren and indeed his step-grandchildren and he is very easy with them.

“He is a very amusing person, and he loves playing with them and they love playing with him.”

Previously, Sarah - whose father, the late Major Ronald Ferguson, played polo with the king - recalled getting tongue-tied around Charles, who was then Prince of Wales, when they met for the first time.

Writing in her 1996 autobiography 'My Story', she recalled: “Given Dads’ polo connections, my orbit continued to intersect the Royal Family’s every now and again. 

“It was a normal part of my life, until I reached the age of self-consciousness and promptly got intimidated. 

“I will never forget the first time I met the Prince of Wales at a Guards Polo Club drinks party. 

“I was 18 years old, and by the time Dads introduced us I was so fevered with anticipation that my tongue felt too big for my mouth. 

“I had it all planned out; I would talk to Charles about the mountains, something a prince would find interesting. 

“But now that he was here, in the flesh, I blurted out something about rabbits – totally and utterly inapposite. 

“I could have gratefully died at that moment. 

“I wanted to vanish into the wall.”