Shania Twain is "embracing ageing".

Shania Twain is embracing ageing

Shania Twain is embracing ageing

The 58-year-old singer has insisted she's "fine" with getting older, and Shania remains keen to keep having "fun" with her appearance.

She told 'Extra': "I'm embracing the ageing. I'm fine with it. I don't have a choice. I can't change it.

"So I decided whatever I can't change, I need to have fun with … What I wanted to get used to was, 'What do I look like with my hair going lighter and lighter and lighter and lighter?"

Shania recently dyed her hair pink and it actually made her feel younger.

The award-winning star explained: "The pink surprisingly made me feel younger, looking younger somehow. And it’s so light, it’s practically grey. So that was a really good surprise. And when I'm entirely grey, if I ever do want to hue my hair, I know I'm gonna look great."

Shania's outlook on life and her career has changed over recent times.

The 'Any Man of Mine' hitmaker shared: "You start realising with more experience that you waste a lot of time worrying and fearing, and fear is just in your way.

"I think there’s you learn eventually that some things are worth worrying about ... So much fear is just not necessary. Fear of ageing. I’m not afraid of ageing. What a waste of my energy to worry about that and to fear that."

What's more, Shania has become more appreciative of her own success.

The singer said: "I'm taking it in now. All these years later.

"I'm absorbing more of the accolades than I did when I was receiving them. Because life was really going fast. The accolades were coming in really fast. That was really fabulous. I wasn't present. And I wasn't celebrating in the moment.

"But I'm celebrating it now."

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