Sharon Stone is looking out for Austin Butler after relating to his "journey and destiny".

Sharon Stone feels protective of Austin Butler

Sharon Stone feels protective of Austin Butler

The 66-year-old star feels protective over the 32-year-old actor and the pair share a "special connection" as she saw a lot of her own early rise to fame in the way he became a sensation after 2022 biopic 'Elvis'.

Austin told Entertainment Tonight: "We have a really special connection, because when 'Elvis' premiered in Cannes, she was sitting right in front of me."

Sharon added: "I was at the Elvis premiere and, I have to say, I've been in a lot of premieres, I've been a lot of premieres in Cannes, and this is the only time I saw what happened to me happen to someone else.

"It was so incredible to witness this happen to another person, and I just wanted to make sure that he had someone that he knew he could count on no matter what, because it's not easy to hold onto the rocket."

She has a lot of faith in him as a performer and a person, and feels protective of him to "make sure" he's got the right support.

She continued: "I really do, I love that kid, and I really believe in him. I know what his journey and destiny looks like and I want to make sure he's cool."

Ever since their first meeting at Cannes Film Festival two years ago, the 'Total Recall' star has kept in touch to make sure Austin is ready for the trappings of success and fame.

She explained: "Well, when this thing happens to you, it's a very specific thing and it's a light that comes on in you and others see it and people appreciate it.

"At the same time, people envy it and they can become very cruel about it and it's a hard thing to walk with grace and and it's really important that you walk it with honesty and sincerity."