Steve Carell wears a huge dog head to wave off his children and embarrass them before school.

Steve Carell

Steve Carell

The 57-year-old star - who has daughter Annie, 18, and son Johnny, 15, with his wife Nancy - has admitted to loves to wind his kids up, and he regularly steps out in the mornings in a silly costume.

Appearing on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', he explained: "I usually am holding some sort of household appliance.

"My wife will get in the car, she'll drive out to the street, so I'll run out to the street just as the car's passing by in front of the street.

"I'll have the dog mask on, and usually like pajamas or a robe, holding a blender and just [waving]. It's always something different. There've been some odds looks, yeah!"

Although 'The Office' actor finds it easy to embarrass his family, he did earn some "credibility" when Billie Eilish asked to sample the sitcom's episode 'Threat Level Midnight' for her second 'My Strange Addiction'.

He said: "There was some definite credibility I gained with my children from the Billie Eilish thing.

"I still haven't [met her], but she called to ask whether she could use some Michael Scott stuff for her album. I was not familiar with her music, and I asked my daughter Annie, I said, 'Billie Eilish, would this be cool?'

"And instantly, 'Oh dad, yeah, you have to do that, that's totally cool!' So, I got a lot of cred with especially my daughter."

Steve revealed he also "never met" Cardi B, despite the pair appearing in a Super Bowl advert together.

He added: "Never met her. The day that we shot, they were separate days so they used a double and shot over the double to me, and they shot over my double to her. And I never met her, and it's a tragedy."

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