Suzi Quatro threatened to punch Angus Young when he "piched [her] a**".

Suzi Quatro threatened Angus Young

Suzi Quatro threatened Angus Young

The 'Can the Can' rocker has never been afraid to confront men who tried to tough her inappropriately but after calling out the AC/DC guitarist, she knew he was embarassed enough not to do it again.

She told the Sunday Times magazine: "I've been in bands since I was a kid and I know that the world — especially men — has a fixed idea about women in bands. We’re easy.

"Back in the 1970s it happened all the time. Some guy would start grabbing my a**. Or worse. A knee in the b******* soon set them right.

"There’s only one man who got away with it and that was Angus Young from AC/DC. This was many, many years ago and we were appearing on the same show. I was walking upstairs and felt someone pinch my a**.

"I turned around, fist raised, and he went bright red. 'I’m so sorry,' he stammered. I said,'I’ll let you off this once. Do it again and you won’t be playing guitar for a couple of months.' ”

The 73-year-old rocker learned how to "handle herself" at a young age and was always comfortable partying with male musicians.

She said: "I grew up in Detroit, which is a tough city. I wasn’t even old enough to be there, but I was hanging out in nightclubs with Iggy Pop and Alice Cooper.

" I learnt how to handle myself. Wanna challenge me to a drinking contest? Get ready for a long night.

"Thankfully, I never got into drugs. The first time I smoked pot, it just made me more speedy. I remember somebody saying to my friend, 'Next time, don’t bring Suzi.' ”

But Suzi had her limits and admitted she felt so "guilty" after trashing a hotel room, she didn't want to do it again.

She said: "I did once trash a hotel room. Slashed the bed, sprayed beer on the walls, threw the television into the swimming pool. Damn, I felt so guilty the next day that I never did it again."