Amy Childs (image: CAN Management Ltd)

Amy Childs (image: CAN Management Ltd)

Amy Childs has launched herself from her days of TOWIE to become a certified business mogul.

The 22 year old model has launched a massive range of beauty products, and has recently gone into the world of fashion designing her own clothing line and opening up a boutique.

We spoke to her before the opening of her latest store in Basildon about her business empire, her love of reality TV and what she really wants for Christmas. 

So, this is the first pop-up shop opening you’ve had, how excited are you for the occasion?

I'm so excited about the shop; it’s near my home town so I won't be too far away for me to go either. I always wanted to have my own boutiques. I'm so passionate about clothing and always have been so business minded. I'm really excited about my new shop.

How did you come upon the idea of starting up your own line of boutiques?

Well i decided to have my own collection about a year ago after everyone kept asking me what I was wearing when I came out of the Big Brother House. It was a lot of hard work, but everyone loved my Amy Childs' Collection so I decided to have a boutique as well as my salon. I love designing my own dresses and everyone is loving the collection. I can't believe how well the boutique and the clothing online is going.

You’ve got your fashion collection, but what’s personally your favourite piece?

I love all of the pieces as I have been involved in designing them all so it’s hard to say. I love my onesie as its coming up to Christmas; you want to be getting wrapped up for the wintery nights. 

So, with the holidays coming up, what would be your ideal Christmas present this year?

That’s a hard question , I can honestly say I'm really excited for a bit of time off with my family and my boyfriend we are also going away which I'm so excited for. Saying that, I do need some new slippers, so might ask my mum and dad for a pair.

You’ve said in the past that you love reality television, what is it about the genre that you enjoy so much?

I’ve always have loved reality programmes. Big Brother, I’m A Celebrity, they’re my guilty pleasure. When I have had a long day at work I want something to watch that is funny, light hearted and easy to get into and reality is that. I'm not really into serious programmes or documentaries.

When can we expect you back on screen then?

I have been working on a few TV programmes for the past few months. I'm not giving anything away but you will definitely be seeing me back on your screens soon. I'm very excited for my plans in the future

The latest series of TOWIE has finished to only average ratings; do you think the show has a future?

I think people loveTOWIE, it’s a great show and I will be sad to see it end.

The live episode is coming up too, how do you think that’s all going to go?

I'm really excited for it. I think there are going to do well, even though I can believe there are getting nervous as live TV is hard.

You’ve got so many business interests, but where’s next for you then?

Well I’ve now got my clothing collection, eyelashes, sleep rollers, perfumes, nail polishes, jewellery, tan. There’s so much I have done. I now have my new shop opening in Basildon and now working on my spring/summer collection. I have the clothes show in Birmingham next week so I'm working 24 hours a day at the moment.

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