Asha Randall

Asha Randall

Asha Randall was on the reserve team for the Beijing Games four years ago but this summer we are going to see her compete in the Synchronised Swimming.

I caught up with her to see how she is feeling ahead of the London Games and how training is going.

- The Olympics are not just around the corner so how excited are you at the prospect of a home Games?

I'm so excited and honoured to be a member of Team GB and competing at a home games! To compete  at any Olympics is the ultimate goal for every athlete and for it to be in your own country is a massive opportunity that no one would want to miss!  

 - So how would you assess the shape that you are in at the moment and how has training been going?

I would say that I'm just about over half way to my performance fitness and shape.

We have just over a month until we compete and in this time as a team we will be going through our last phase of training to really build up our fitness and endurance for our Olympic routines.

Unlike swimmers we don't taper before a meet, our training intensity actually increases to make sure we're at our peak fitness for when we perform!  

- You have already performed in the Olympic pool during the qualifying event so how was that and what do you think of the facilities?

The Olympic pool facilities were absolutely amazing, from the lighting to the sound of the underwater speak, it was just top form and to have been able to compete in the Aquatics centre before the games was great as now we know what to expect at the Olympics and know all our bearings so they'll be no surprises.  

- Team GB finished second in that qualifying event so what is the mood like in the Team GB camp at the moment with just a few weeks to go?

Team spirit is very high right now. We're such a close knit team and we're so motivated and determined to achieve our goals for the games.

We're so focused and are very excited to get to the games and perform to best of our ability.

 - And what are the expectations for Synchronised Swimming at the Games - could we been a medal or two?  

For 2012 our goal is top six. We're such a young and very new team compared to the number one's and two's in the world and we've climbed up the rankings so quickly in the space of four years from starting at 15th in the world to 9th.

It's usually impossible to climb up 2 spaces in 4 years and went up 6! In the synchro world GB is actually known for our rapid improvement and no other country has been able to achieve this except for Spain. Rio is the one we'll be really fighting for those medals!  

- Where do you think the major competition is going to come from?

All of the countries in the games are very experienced teams and this will definitely  make a very close and competitive games to watch.  

- Your older sisters Tia and Jenna have also swam for Great Britain so how much of an inspiration has that been?

My older sisters have definitely been a huge inspiration. Both of them have inspired me so much in my sport and they have been amazing role models and support system in my synchro career.   

 - Four years ago you were selected as the Duet Reserve so how much has that spurred you on to be selected in your own right this time around?

It was a great honour to be selected as the Beijing Olympic duet reserve in 2008, I had only been with the team full time for just under a year and to have been chosen for that role so soon definitely gave me a huge motivational boost to train hard and make the team for London 2012!  

- The Games are going to be a huge inspiration for kids up and down the country so for any of them who want to get into synchronised swimming what advice would you give?

Make sure your a strong swimmer, have a love of being creative and also have a love for water.  

- Finally what's coming up for you between now and the Games?

We are now off for our pre Olympic camp in Malta for 2weeks to really polish our routines and build up the rest of our endurance.

Once we're back we'll be going straight to the Olympic village and the Games will be begin!

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