Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton

if I came downstairs dressed as Kermit the Frog he would probably go, “oh yeah, you look really nice”. He’s pretty lovely

Speaking for the first time since announcing being pregnant, Fearne Cotton reveals exclusively to Company magazine that she loves being pregnant and is looking forward to letting mother nature take its course:

“I haven’t had any weird cravings as I’m still at the sicky stage. I am eating a lot of cheese and bagels but nothing too odd like coal! I am loving being pregnant. It’s nice watching your body work its magic.

Despite enjoying pending motherhood, Fearne admits that she’s trying to take life a little slower:

“I’m trying to take it easy for the first time ever. Normally I live at a hundred miles an hour so I never get to see any of my friends. This year I’m not doing loads. Instead I’m going to see all my friends, family and boyfriend and just try and have a bit more of a life.”

Renowned for her unique style, she’s keen to remain bang on trend right up until the baby is born:

“I’m not keen on the idea of elasticated waist bands so I’m sticking mainly with clothes I like but in bigger sizes! Maybe I’ll have to go a bit more boho but nothing too off the beaten track.”

She also reveals that she plans her wardrobe the night before:

“… I usually plan three looks before I go to bed and then decide how I feel when I get up. Some days I’ll put something daring and bright on and other times I just want to hide away so I go black and baggy… I’d be lying if I said [being in the public eye doesn’t affect what I wear]. There are definitely some days where I want to roll up in a pair of dirty jeans and an old jumper, but it’s not worth the shit I’d get.”

She comments that she’s more confident in her skin than ever before:

“I think I’ve finally learnt what suits my body in the last five years and have stopped emulating others. I’ve become more confident and comfy in my skin.”

Discussing her relationship with Jesse Wood, it appears he likes the feminine look:

“He quite likes feminine dresses so if I wear something pretty he goes, “oh you should wear more stuff like that”, but he’s not the sort if guy who’ll say, “you can’t wear that”. He’s just the most chilled out man alive, so if I came downstairs dressed as Kermit the Frog he would probably go, “oh yeah, you look really nice”. He’s pretty lovely.”

Fearne also reveals they’d love to work together in the future:

“We’re actually a very un-cool couple! We’re very nerdy. But I think we’d like to work together one day. I’ve talked about doing a men’s line at some point so maybe he could model that but he’s always so busy. Maybe one day.”

Her passion for her fashion lies at the heart of her Very collection, something that still makes her squeal with delight:

“I had one of the best moments ever at the royal wedding – everyone was getting out of their tents on The Mall and this girl ran across the road in one of my dresses. I was this close to yelling, “I love you!”

So, where does she get her fashion inspiration?

“I’ve been really lucky because my mum is amazingly cool and still obsessed with fashion. I’ve never actually seen her in a flat shoe! She’s definitely an inspiration, especially how she used to dress in the 70s when she’d spend all her money in BIBA.”

The full interview appears in the October ‘Fashion Graduate Takeover’ issue of Company, on sale 8th September. Eight aspiring young fashion graduates were selected from hundreds of applicants to become involved in all aspects of the magazine including interviewing Fearne Cotton

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