Jodie is taking part in The Britalian Job

Jodie is taking part in The Britalian Job

What are you up to at the moment?

At the moment, I’m a mummy. I’ve got a seven month old son and I’m just getting back into work again, which is fantastic. I’ve had about a year and a half off now, so I’ve just been enjoying being a mum and bringing up my little boy. It’s been the most magical, magical time of my life.

And what’s going on here today?

I’m here on the set of “The Britalian Job” where I play the baddie – I’ve just stolen something… I’ve been chased around London by three Olympians in their MINIs and I’m on a bike!

Have you enjoyed bring part of “The Britalian Job

I’ve loved it! It’s the first time I’ve really acted. I think I acted once and watched the movie and they edited me out, so I’m not sure whether that’s any proof of how wonderfully I act. It’s been really, really fun and I’ve had an amazing cast with me. It’s just been a lot of fun, a real giggle and, of course, lovely British weather!

How do you feel about playing the baddie? Did you use some method acting?!

Did I use method acting to get into that role... no, I didn’t. The whole feeling of it… I actually quite enjoyed playing a baddie. I always thought I’d be a nice kind of goodie. But, no, I really embellished playing a baddie so I didn’t find it too difficult!

Are you looking forward to London 2012?

The Olympics in London is so exciting. We’re standing in the shadow of the stadium – it’s actually the first time I have seen it because I’m from the country. It’s fantastic and it’s just really brought it to life to me. I’m super, super excited and I can’t wait.

I think it’s the most fantastic thing for London having the Olympics here. I think we’ve really showed our true British spirit. I think the way the Olympic Park looks is fantastic, I think the design, what we’ve done to London... it’s just brilliant. I’m very, very proud to be British. Come on the United Kingdom, I can’t wait. I’m very, very excited.

The day has left me really excited, not only for Olympics and what’s coming up in the next couple of months but also to be a part of this MINI film and be part of the whole thing really makes me to be very, very proud. Also being here with the stadium, just there, it’s just really exciting.

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