Drummond Money Coutts and Kimberly Wyatt create the Magic of Bravia

Drummond Money Coutts and Kimberly Wyatt create the Magic of Bravia

You're helping to launch the new Sony Bravia TV, which are your favourite US programmes?

I love Game of Thrones, so am really looking forward to catching up on season 2 on my magical Sony Bravia TV. Also Nurse Jackie is great and I do enjoy watching a bit of South Park.

Do you have any UK favourites?

Got To Dance of course! Though I have just seen The Office (the UK version) and loved it, it’s so funny!  Faulty Towers is a classic and that new show Britain Unzipped is a fun off the wall show.

You spend a lot of time here in the UK what's your favourite thing about here?

I love the people most of all, as well as the fashion and the architecture – the UK just offers so much culture! One of my favourite of places to visit is Primrose Hill in North London.

Is there any part of the UK you haven't seen yet, that you really want to go?

I have never been to  Cornwall, so would love to go there, also I have  heard the New Forest is  a beautiful place to visit.

We're known for our High Street here, which are your favourite shops to go to?

I really like AQUA, All Saints and Reiss, they all offer great staple pieces as well as being well made.

Who do you look to for inspiration for fashion?

Would have to say VOGUE magazine, it’s always on trend.

Do you have any style icons?

I think Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani have awesome style, but show it in very different ways in the clothes and accessories they wear.

Which trends do you like for summer?

I really like the bright colours that are on trend this summer. Though in terms of summer make up, I think a pop of colour on the lips is great.  BM Beauty's new lip-gloss shade "Gypsy Spirit" has a great peachy colour to it.  Perfect for summer!

Do you have any fashion tips?

One tip would be that ‘less is more’.  If you show your legs, cover your cleavage and vice versa.  Also making sure to dress appropriately for you own body shape, not all styles and trends work on all shapes of woman.

Which beauty products couldn't you live without?

My all natural range BM Beauty of course!  Our mascara and foundation is great, and the 'Earthy Princess' collection is perfect for an everyday look.  Also, RODIAL face wash and moisturiser are great for my skin.

You worked with some great beauty artists over the years, have you picked up any tips that you can share with us?

Try contouring your face using bronzer in the shadows of your face, and a highlighter on the tops of your cheek bones and below the brow. Also using a pore refiner or Primer as the base of your make up  as this will give you a flawless finish.

Watch one of the world's top magicians, Drummond Money Coutts create the 'Magic of BRAVIA' using the sharpest ever TV screen from Sony to merge the edges of screen and reality in a series of mind boggling magic tricks. Think you've seen it all? Think again. The Magic of BRAVIA from Sony:www.facebook.com/sonyuk

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