Laura Trott will hopefully be riding to gold this summer

Laura Trott will hopefully be riding to gold this summer

Laura Trott is a lady after our own hearts, she's down to earth, warming and even enjoys chocolate for breakfast.

This comes as a surprise as she's training for the Olympics this summer.

Laura is fast-becoming a central figure in the British women's cycling team and was part of the trio who took the team pursuit gold medal at the Track World Cup in Febraury 2012 at the Olympic velodrome.

We caught up with her for a quick chat about the build up to the Olympics.

We've not got long now till the Olympics - how are preparations going?

Really well thanks. I couldn't have asked for anything better at the World Championships.

Winning gold at the World Championships how does that make you feel getting ready for the Olympics?

It's given me a real confidence boost, I didn't expect to win the Ominum, I just thought that maybe we'd have a chance of winning one. I think it puts a good message out to all of the other countries because obviously we won at London World Cup and then we went and won again in Australia, so it's not just like we're capable of winning at our home country.

How will training change in the run up to the events?

It won't really, obviously the training that we've been doing now has obviously paid off so we'll keep it pretty much the same. There are a few camps that I visit in Majorca, which we also did before the World Championships.

So, what sort of things are you actually doing?

Endurance stuff when we're out in Majorca. Then we'll come back and do the specific stuff and on the track.

What are your must haves for training?

I can't do it without the team.

Are there any must-haves in terms of clothing?

Not necessarily when I'm training but when I'm racing, I'm really superstitious so I've got loads of 'lucky' things like a ring, a bracelet, a lucky necklace, a lucky hairband, so I always have to wear them when I race.

So, they'll definitely be with you this summer then?

Yes, definitely. When I was at my first Junior World Championships my hairband snapped because I always used to wear it in my hair, then it snapped and I couldn't find it, but it was ok because that was the end of Day One, but going into Day Two I was sweating about it because I didn't have it, but one of the carers there found it, but I had to tie it in a knot and wear it around my wrist because I could actually wear it in my hair anymore.

Are you on a strict diet in the run up to the event?

No, not really. I mean I eat healthily, everything is balanced. I'm a proper chocaholic though, I eat a lot of chocolate but because everything else is balanced I think it's alright to do that. I has a Easter egg for breakfast the other day.

The Team GB kit was recent unveiled, what do you thnk of it?

I really like it, it's pretty unique. We've never had a kit like it before and I think it's quirky with the red being just in little bits rather than just being as a completely as a flag. The whole comment about there being no red on it, nobody complained in 2008 there was no red on it then either.

Do you know exactly what you're going to be wearing?

Because I'm an Adidas athlete I've actually worn the kit already, I was photographed in it. I really like it, I think it does look better on that it does in the pictures.

Do you think that there is added pressure because you're performing at home?

I think a lot of athletes think that there is, I don't listen to what other people say or whatever because I can't do anything about that. I can only control myself and my training. I think people do us expect us to win, especially after Bejing and the British Cycling Team doing so well. I think that people will expect us to win everything but obviously I can't control that, and I can only win two out of the 12, or whatever is available anyway.

Do you prefer competing at home?

Yes, it almost felt like you got more publicity doing the London World Cup than what we did in Australia, because of the time difference no one really got to see it. That's going to be the one thing with London, everyone is going to see it. There is no hiding away from it.

Do you think the media side of it all will affect you?

No, not really. I've got agents who sort all of that out for me, for me training comes first. So, I get that done and then I go an do my appearances and stuff.

What are the medal aims for Team GB?

Well, hopefully Gold in everything. I mean everybody dreams, don't they?! My dream is definitely two gold medals but obviously that is a dream and I can't do it without the training and the commitment.

Obviously there is going to be a lot of training in the coming months - do you have anything else planned?

No, I'm going to Belgium next month for a month to race and that will be with my sister and I haven't seen her in ages because obviously she lives out in Belgium too. So, that'll be nice but nothing apart from riding really.

How about after the Olympics?

Yes, if I win I plan to stay around for the first month or two months like because obviously the press are going to want to speak to me and then afterwards I'm planning a holiday. I really want to go to Florida to Disneyland, I know that's really sad.

Finally, other than cycling which other events are you looking forward to seeing?

Gymnastics, I really want to see that and I want to see some of the swimming as well.

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