When you think Sarah Jessica Parker, you think Carrie Bradshaw. But there is a lot more to her than sex and a city.Born in Nelsonville, Ohio in 1965, SJP was the fourth of eight children, and started performing at an early age. Her family moved to New Jersey when she was 11-years-old and she's been considered a New Yorker ever since.The glamorous 40-year-old has been linked with many men over the years including Robert Downey Jr and John Kennedy Jr, but it's her marriage to 'Ferris Bueller' himself, Matthew Broderick, that has millions of women wanting to be in her shoes. The couple - who have one son, James, together - tied the knot in 1997 and haven't looked back. SJP is not only one of the most admired actresses in Hollywood, but is also an admirable human being, involved in a number of charitable and political causes including UNICEF and AIDS research. There is no way anyone can accuse this multi-award winning mother of resting on her Manolo Blahnik kitten heels.It's been two years since Sarah Jessica Parker finished filming her smash hit HBO show 'Sex and the City', but even before then she was well established as a leading lady. With such diverse films as 'Mars Attacks', 'L.A. Story', 'Ed Wood' and 'State And Main' on her CV, it's always been abundantly clear that she can handle whatever role is thrown at her. And, as she explains to Femalefirst, her new film 'Failure To Launch' is no exception.

Failure to Launch sounds like a movie about impotence...
That would be a fair and natural assumption - or astronauts! I was actually quite concerned about the title originally for exactly that reason. I saw lots of critics just having a field day.
So it's a common confusion?
Absolutely. I get that a lot outside of the US but over there it's a phrase that's used for the growing phenomenon of guys staying at home with their parents long past what's considered to be an appropriate age.
Do you think the right woman change the way a man is?
I would say that anybody that thinks they can really change another person is slightly misguided. I have so many female friends who date men that have warning signs all over them and they really feel that they are uniquely gifted in some way that they will be the person that finally fixes whatever flaw they have.
I find men far more complicated and interesting than that of course.
What was the sign with your husband, Matthew Broderick, which made you know that he was the one?
Well to be honest I'm not certain that you are ever really certain of those things. I definitely recognised that he some qualities that I thought were wonderful and I probably didn't even know that I was looking for them until they were right in front of me. I think they were similar qualities to what my mother saw in my father.
So it's a marriage made in heaven?
We don't pretend to hold our marriage up as a model by which everybody else should judge their but we're very happy. I'm not saying that we don't disagree about things or that I don't annoy him constantly, as I'm certain I do, and that there aren't endless issues that enter into things, like, the toilet seat, or picking up his laundry. But for the most part, we seem to have figured it out.
Would you date a guy that lived at home with his parents? Or would that depend on how attractive he was?
It's very hard imaging being single again, but I tend not to be someone who bases my opinion on something as simple or superficial as someone being hot. If someone did still live at home and they were all grown up but they were really smart, witty, interesting and had a legitimate reason for being there it wouldn't be an issue. I would feel comfortable dating them. I don't know if I'd feel comfortable going into their bedroom and closing the door though... I think that might make me feel weird especially if the parent were there.
But what if your son stayed at home for too long?
Look, I just hope that I'm providing my son with a beautiful home that he feels really safe and comfortable in. He loves his house. It's going to be a pretty tough pill to swallow to send him out into the world to live in a studio apartment but that is one of the beautiful challenges of being an adult, being independent. Yes, I can see why it's very appealing to live at home but it's also deeply thrilling being an adult and standing on your own two feet.
So you think there will come a time when he sees this movie and gets the hint?
Well that would be helpful! Then I wouldn't have to have the conversation. Could I get out of the one about sex as well? But seriously, at the age of three it's difficult for me to think about we wanting him to leave the house let alone me forcing him out into the world with a DVD of mine... I just want to raise a confident young man who can go out into the world and then come home whenever he likes and bring his laundry or whatever. He already knows that when he's married he has to bring his wife home every Friday night - no matter what she says - and have dinner with me. Oh, and his wife's name will be Mary. We've already decided that too.
You go paint-balling in this film too... how was that for you?
Well I got to paint-balling, now I never have to do it again. Does that answer the question?
Loud and clear. So is there anything else you wouldn't do on screen?
Jumping out of an aeroplane and bungee jumping. I don't know why anybody would want to do either of those things. I think it's great that they have the confidence or the courage to do it but I just wouldn't do it. Plus, I have a son now. Everything changes when you become a parent.
But away from the cameras, what's the craziest thing you've done?
I don't know, maybe fight someone for a cab on the streets of New York? Share a cab with a stranger? I'm not really prone to craziness. I'm boring that way I guess.
You star alongside Matthew McConaughey in this film... it's not the first time you guys have worked together though is it?
No. He very kindly did a guest spot in 'Sex And The City'. Not a lot of people remember that, so well done. He very kindly played a really vulgar actor who happened to called Matthew McConaughey so I already held him in pretty high regard. But as different as we are we work well together - he improvises a lot of stuff while I am pretty much a script person - we have this thing. I don't know if it's anything you can plot or plan because I have worked with so many people that I though would click and there has been nothing. Nothing. But as different as Matthew and I are it's like trying to jam two pieces of a puzzle together that shouldn't fit but do.
How do people react to you these days after doing 'Sex And The City' for so long?
Well I can't do much about the way people perceive me I can only make the best choices given the opportunities offered to me. But, it's been nice that this, and other films of mine, have had success either commercially or critically. I'll know much later on in my career how definitive Carrie Bradshaw was for me. I'm very comfortable with the association between my and that character and that show. I feel very privileged to have had that whole experience.
What about a movie, feature length episode, reunion or something like that?
We all wanted to do a movie but I think that time has passed. There was a script, there were sets, there were costumes, there was a crew, and that's all gone now. The sets are all broken down or sold or in a dumpster or, I don't know, on eBay. It'd be hard to buy it back. All the shoes, we have. We all have our shoes and they can have them back.
You still live in New York despite doing all Hollywood movies. Is that because you love the city?
I am a city person. I love concrete, I love architecture, and I love the sound of cabs. I get uncomfortable if it's too quiet. I find it unnerving and unsettling. I just wouldn't go anywhere else. Our families are there. My husband was born and raised there. I've lived there for over 30 years. It's not about a conscious decision every day. It's just simply who we are. I'm sure that people in Chicago feel equally as devoted to their city. There are cities that I love, but I just don't want to live there.

Simon Thompson