Aaron Craze

Aaron Craze

Aaron Craze is a celebrity chef who was first founded by Jamie Oliver. Aaron graduated from the top chef’s ‘Fifteen’ and went on to open a gastro pub – The Cock Inn. Although this later closes, the chef has gone on to have a successful career and has even made his own successful series on the Good Food channel.

We caught up with the cheeky chef, who has recently joined forces with Big & Fresh eggs, to discuss his daredevil antics (which sees him hanging off a 100ft bridge whilst frying eggs) and how he encourages other people to cook.

What inspired you to cook from a roller coaster and hanging from a 100 ft bridge?  

I got involved in the Big & Fresh Eggstreme cooking challenge because I’m passionate about eggs and want to show people how simple and fun they are to cook with. Eggs are one of the most nutritious and easy ingredients to cook with. You can rustle up a simple and easy omelette, with ham and cheese for a quick dinner or have scrambled eggs on toast in the morning. So watch the video and look at the images on the Big & Fresh Facebook page get inspired and see what Eggstreme cooking you can do!

Aaron Craze braves the roller coaster with his frying pan

How did you learn to cook in these unusual conditions?

It was a crash course really. Cooking eggs is easy; we were keen to show how easy it is for eggs to be cooked in the most ridiculous of circumstances.  All I needed was a frying pan and a heat source, Cooking was easy – the height I abseiled from, not so much!

Have you had many accidents whilst attempting to cook in these 'daredevil' circumstances? 

Big & Fresh approached me to do these stunts with them – I didn’t tell them I was afraid of heights and when we talked about the idea of abseiling over an 100ft bridge, I have to say my stomach was  in knots but it was great, such an experience…

Have you always been a daredevil and if so, what other stunts have you done? 

I rode through a pub on a horse once and ordered a pint – I was in Darwin in Australia 

Where has been the strangest place that you have cooked? 

It would have to be cooking in a favela in Brazil 

What tips have you learnt from Jamie Oliver that will help you in your future career? 

To work hard and to always appreciate what you’ve got! 

How do you plan to encourage people to cook? 

I just wanted to show people how simple it can be – that you don’t have to have all the utensils, know all the techniques but that cooking can be so simple it can be done under the most extreme of circumstances. 

What makes you passionate about cooking and teaching people to cook? 

Cooking has changed my life, it’s opened doors for me that until that point I always believed would be firmly closed. Through encouraging people to cook, I too can give them that gift.  

What other unusual and adventurous places do you plan on cooking in the future?  

I’ve always wanted to go to the Deep South, so hopefully one day I’ll get the chance! 

What was your thought process when you were at the top of the roller coaster and hanging from the 100 ft bridge? 

I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t drop the frying pan and that the eggs stayed in it! I’m scared of heights so it was actually quite freeing to concentrate on something other than the height 

Aaron Craze fries eggs hanging from a 100 ft bridge

You've joined forces with Big & Fresh eggs but what makes you interested in cooking eggs? 

Cooking eggs is easy; I think it was the first thing I ever learnt to cook as a kid. I want people to enjoy cooking no matter what level of competency they have. Eating well and cooking should be fun 

What are your plans for your future career?  

Becoming the next Keith Floyd!

Do you have any advice for anyone who is interested in becoming a chef? 

You will need to be passionate and dedicated and prepared to give up lots of your time!

Aaron Craze, Jamie Oliver's proétége cooking in extreme places to encourage us Brits to get cooking. Partnered with Big & Fresh eggs in order to encourage those of us who don't cook to give it a try. Shown frying eggs on the Eagle's Claw at Lightwater Valley, racing at speeds near 70mph with a frying pan.

 By Claire Lancaster

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