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Honor Greenwood chats with Female First

Honor Greenwood chats with Female First

Using Instagram and blogging platforms are becoming more and more popular. But how easy is it to build a social media following to become relevant enough in such a demanding new online culture?

Honor Greenwood has over 7,500 followers on Instagram and has used her blog to promote brands and increase her online status. In the past year she has built up a strong following and used her experiences to write content that people want to read about.

We asked her a few things about what life as a blogger is like, and the best ways to get going if you're just starting out…

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Honor's passion for photography began at a young age. This inspired her to start an Instagram account back in 2012.

"It's all about an appealing personal feed and you can only get that with consistently posting, and adding good edits on your photos. My personal love for art and photography made this quite natural for me.

"As soon as I started to share my WordPress blog my followers have been constantly rising.

"A blog adds a different dimension to your page - your followers can instantly know you better and businesses see you as a valuable asset to partner with."

For anybody who wants to start a blog it can be difficult to know what to write about. Honor says that she started out by getting inspiration from other bloggers - but owning your creativity is the best way to get a word count going.

"The only thing that can get you anywhere is by putting fingers to a keyboard and just writing. One of my main sources of learning was reading other people's blogs and content and establishing what was right and wrong for myself."

Once you've built a following online it brings opportunity to promote brands. Honor has worked with several brands promoting products, such as Elsie and Fred, OSMO UK and Brush Me.

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"My absolute favourite influencer project so far has been working with NA-KD fashion. They sent me free clothes that I had picked out and I did an Instagram story fashion haul and blog about them. All the items I got were actually amazing and it was my job and duty to share them with everyone. What a chore?!"

And it's not just the freebies that are an added bonus to blogging. There are lots of advantages to using social media in this way.

"It's given me the opportunity to network, meet new people and get involved with businesses. These types of opportunities provide an exciting source of content for my blog."

So what are Honor's top tips for anybody thinking about starting a blog?

  1. Mix up your content and write about different topics
  2. Use your own voice, make it personal so that others can relate to you
  3. Do not compare yourself or your blogs to current successful bloggers
  4. Set yourself targets e.g 1 blog post a week, gain 20 WordPress followers a week
  5. Do not be embarrassed to share your blog across all your social media platforms

You can find out more about Honor's experiences by following her blog yourself! @hfgreenwood

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