Born in the Dominican Republic Katherine Estrella has managed to go against all the odds stacked against her to build a name for herself in the industry. Katherine a model by profession has managed to appear in different videos including ‘white dress’ by French Montana, professional photoshoots among others. With a fan base of over 2.5 million followers on Instagram, she has built her brand and is only just getting started.

Image credit Katherine Estrella

Image credit Katherine Estrella

Success has not always followed Estrella but she has been determined all her life to turn her life into a success and an inspiration for many other young people like her. Despite having a rough childhood, she’s stood firm in her journey to make the world her oyster.

Relocating to the US at 14, she found herself living alone and fending for herself by age 17 and thus began her journey to modeling. Owing to her hard work and being a quick study, she became among the most sought-after models.

Even as she worked and lived her passion, Estrella understood early on the importance of having sustainable income, therefore, she also worked as a dancer in a popular New York club. Her presence on social media has helped her diversify her portfolio to include modeling for music videos and become an Instagram star.

Looking at her today, it is easy to overlook the rough path she has walked to build the brand she is, however, she makes sure to remember what it’s taken to get where she is. She is very upfront about her struggles and hopes to inspire many more people to not give up on their dreams.

With over 2.5 million followers on Instagram, Katherine is now an influencer who has an audience from all corners of the world. Her unique fashion sense and being a model has pulled many people to her pages. She also has a website where she interacts with her fans.

According to Estrella modeling to her is something easy and also something she enjoys doing not to mention the compensation. When you focus on doing what you are passionate about you enjoy your work which makes you produce better outcomes. Challenges are stepping stones and we should use them to our advantage and also learn from them.

We all have to be dusted as we reach for our dreams. Estrella recommends embracing and trusting the process. Just keep your eye on the prize and be willing to make sacrifices as long as you are passionate enough about what you are doing.

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