Television presenter Kirstie Allsopp (right)  presents Liza and Chris Freudmann and their children Megan, aged 3 and Lucas, aged 6 months from Ruislip

Television presenter Kirstie Allsopp (right) presents Liza and Chris Freudmann and their children Megan, aged 3 and Lucas, aged 6 months from Ruislip

Tell us about the campaign you’re working on, the Everyday Effect.

Every day, by doing ordinary things, we can make a difference to our own and the lives of those around us. For example sending your son to school in a clean and soft shirt can help him feel less self-conscious when he puts his hand up in class, or clean soft bedding can help give everyone a good night’s sleep allowing them to approach the day with more energy. P&G calls the impact of these seemingly ordinary moments “the Everyday Effect”.

Why did you want to get involved with this?

I really empathised with P&G’s campaign and the brand’s research into the different stages in a person’s life and how they affect you. As a mother I find that grounding myself in a routine is essential for bringing up a family and running a home also setting example for my children to follow.

What three things do you wish people could do for you every day?

My children have a dog and part of the deal of having the dog was for them to take him for walks. However, they have a slight tendency to take him out for just a few minutes so if they could make the walks last a little longer it would be fantastic.

I’d love to have a magic hair product that would make my hair look as it did before I had my children. I rarely have time to do my hair nicely in the morning so it would great if someone could also give me a blow-dry whilst I’m getting myself organised.

I’d love for someone to invent a real time capsule like Hermione so that I can fit in all the things I’d like to do in the day

How about you doing something for other people, is there anything you would like to do?

I support the charity Homestart UK and would recommend for others to get involved. The great thing about it is that the donations help deserving people but also provides the volunteers with the necessary support for them to really make a difference.

Balancing life and work must be hard work, but what fun things do you like to do with your children when you have that time off?

We love doing things as a family so we often go cycling and we all have scooters so we scoot about from place to place although my partner Ben is often out with the kids doing ‘boy things’. My boys love cooking so we often cook together and we also enjoy watching Britain’s Got Talent and You’ve Been Framed so we always have a laugh.

How will you be keeping the kids entertained during the summer holidays?

This summer, the family and I are visiting friends in France which will be lovely. Then we’re also taking sailing lessons and spending some time in Devon enjoying barbecues, horse-riding, cycling and camping.

What’s coming up for you next?

I have a new show coming out this month called Fill Your House For Free and will also be filming the new series of Location, Location, Location. I’ve also got a new book coming out for Christmas called Kirstie’s Christmas Crafts which I hope will provide some inspiration for the festive period.

Kirstie Allsopp is working with P&G to launch the Everyday Effect campaign which celebrates the seemingly ordinary actions that can have an extraordinary effect. Find out more at

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