What makes the Gabbi’s Head pub special?

What I’m doing here at the Benefit event is that the World Cup is on, I’m a big fan of Benefit as a make-up brand and it’s a bit of fun for the ladies really, you can watch the football, be pampered, have a few drinks and relax in a lovely environment in the Gabbi’s Head in Covent Garden. I think it’s just a really nice fun initiative that I think a lot of people will enjoy especially if the weather is nice and people are in a good mood. It’ll be good fun I think.

What sort of treatments will be offered?

There’ll be a lot of make ups to try, you can kind of try and see what work as their make-up artists will be at hand who can show you exactly how to do things it’s just really having a little look and trying things out.

(They also have eyebrow shaping, waxing, tinting and more)

If you can’t watch the World Cup live in Brazil, do you think the pub is the next best thing?

Yeah, I think the key thing is, especially with the first match and the England matches on here, or matches that are important to you, it’s always fun to watch it with a group of friends and a fun environment. If you’re a sports fan obviously the next best thing to being at that stadium is to be in an environment where you can kind of be in a group, have a few groups whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic and just enjoy the atmosphere and that’s the whole idea of it really, creating the atmosphere, we’re not in Brazil but we’re going to have fun anyway, enjoy it, and as I said I’s nice if it’s a summers evening and everyone in a good mood it kind of means more too. On Saturday night England are playing and I’m thinking about what I’m going to do with that and so somewhere with a group of friends. It’s that idea of getting together and obviously there’s a twist to this in that it’s more for women and for those fans of Benefit like myself.

Do you think this will encourage more women to go to the pub?

Yeah, I think absolutely. It’s a different environment but I think a lot of people and women enjoy going to a nice pub anyway, and the sport, we’ve got to remember we mustn’t be too sexist about this and realise that there are lots of people who still love football, it doesn’t have to be an all-female situation, this is just an additional thing for those people who really love their products, their make ups and could get their eyebrows shaped and tinted too, it’s been added for the fun really and I think it’s great. And I think that will bring more people to the pub, definitely!

And this will be on for the duration of the World Cup – do you think there is a market for pubs with attached beauty parlours outside of that as well?

I think it’s just a great idea, isn’t it, I do, I think there could be more events at pubs, I mean they do quizzes and various other things to get people down but it depends really on whether we are talking about brand association, but I do think it’s a great, innovative idea, I love it. I’m so pleased to be launching it, I’ve a few friends coming and when I told them about it they just said what a brilliant idea. Like my friend isn’t a football fan but she wants to come along, as everyone wants their bit of the world cup don’t they, even if you’re not a football fan. And I think it gives you that, it’s a great twist.

Why Covent Garden?

That’s not to do with me as I’ve not selected the location. But for me Covent Garden is a brilliant place, it’s fun and in the summer especially everyone is enjoying them in the evening, eating, drinking, looking in sops, and of London t’s one of the most beautiful areas. It’s lovely and you’ve lots of beautiful shops around so I think they’ve probably chosen it for that reason.

What event are you most looking forward to? That you’ll be taking your friends to?

I’m not sure of all the events but I wouldn’t mind a bit of karaoke – I’m rubbish at it! Possibly the wine tasting, I’m not quite sure at the moment, it’s great they’ve got so much on. No to karaoke for me – can’t sing, terrible.

You were born in Edinburgh, do you go back to Scotland much? Are you a fan of Scottish pubs?

I’m Scottish but I was brought up in England so I’m a bit of a mixture really with Irish heritage so I do love a good pub, I have to say, and yes, when I go up there, there are various places that I go, though I must say things are changing a lot in Edinburgh so I haven’t been up there for a while. But yeah I have a very string tie with Scotland so I’ll stay in Edinburgh and its one of my favourite places, it’s a very special city. A beautiful city.

What’s your regular tipple? Wine? Whiskey? Cider?

Good question. Well I’m not a spirit girl so definitely no spirits. I have the odd Ga and T bit I’m a red wine fan and I love a really nice red though I’m fussy with the wine. I really like a nice riocca and a malbeck. If I don’t want a sore head the next day I really like bottled beer like peroni or corona. Corona would be appropriate too as we’re watching the World Cup in Brazil!

Are you a regular pub goer yourself?

Yes, we’ve got some lovely pubs but where we are in Surrey. I love a good pub, we’ve got a great place called the Carpenter’s Arms in Sunning Hill with is in Berkshire, it’s one of the best pubs, it’s French and fantastic and really classy with a brilliant wine list and drinks. The owners are amazing, I really recommend it. A little village called sunning hill in Berkshire. We go there a lot, they’re very accommodating and great for the kids, letting them run riot in the garden, you couldn’t get better food.

How do you like to relax when you’re not working?

I do watch sport but if I’m really shutting off I’ll do something completely different. I love sport for myself, training for myself, I’ve recently started riding a road bike so actually getting out on the bike is such great fun, I love doing stuff with the children, going out with the dog, if I’m really wanting to relax and shut off I love having a massage.

Were you a sporty child?

Yes, very sporty. Always been sporty and then when I went to London College of Fashion in my late teens I let go of it a little bit, I just didn’t have time. I lived in London whilst I was studying and it drove me mad and I thought I’m not myself at all, I need to get back to my sport and fitness and when I did I felt so much better. I need sport, it’s a must for me with summer I can play golf, tennis, it’s great. I’ve always been sporty.

You went to London College of Fashion and are in to your fashion – if you weren’t a presenter what would you have done?

Well I mean I love my fashion and I love animals as well. I get very upset about animal welfare so now I feel slightly different about what I would have done if I wasn’t a presenter but we talk about fashion, I would have loved to have been a fashion journalist. I would have loved to have written for Vogue, it’s a bubble really, isn’t it amongst fashion lovers. I love London College fo Fashion and I did work experience at the Daily Telegraph with Hilary Alexander and met some amazing people and am still a big fashion fan and am always watching what’s happening but it’s a very different world and I’m not sure it would have suited me really. If not it would have been animals really. I’m not sure about being a vet because I’m not sure I could have coped with the emotional side, but animal welfare – I do a lot on twitter and hopefully we spread messages via that route and do what we can but animals and wildlife are my other absolute fashion.

Gabbi’s Head, (Prince of Wales), Drury Lane, Covent Garden is open now until 13th July 2014.
Visit www.facebook.com/BenefitCosmeticsUK for information.

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