Mark Wright played Santa for the day.

Mark Wright played Santa for the day.

The grotto, in the Liverpool One shopping centre, was set up to give something back to all the mums who were frantic with their Christmas to-do lists courtesy of family retailer Mark Wright was there dressed as Santa to hand out gifts to all the mums who deserved a little luxury.

"I'm a massive fan of Christmas I'm like Mr Christmas, my mates call me Santa I'm that Christmassy. I might as well have been called Santa!"

The presents ranged from jewellery and handheld tablets to designer handbags and perfume and they were given out by Mr Wright himself who was dressed in a suit and, of course, a festive tie. He discussed what he thought of the grotto and said: “I’m sure it was great for them, it was amazing to give something back because I’m a massive mumsy fan.”

Mark is clearly a “mummy’s boy” and he explained how much he thinks of his mum. He said: “I’m the first to admit how proud I am of my mum and all the effort she makes for all the family at Christmas, and I’m really looking forward to spoiling her this year. When it comes to Christmas, she does absolutely everything to make sure we have the best time, so it’s only right that I return the favour and treat my mum to something truly special.“ We're glad we're not the only ones who like to spoil our mums at Christmas.

Mark described himself as a massive fan of Christmas and said he might as well have been called Santa as that's what all his friends call him.

He is a brand ambassador for Littlewoods and has his own men’s clothing collection called Goodsouls. When discussing this he said it is the biggest honour and really overwhelming for him to see people wearing the range.

We even managed to get Mark to open up a little about his plans this Christmas and what he is looking forward to the most. He said: “Probably spending it with Michelle because it’s my first proper Christmas with her so it’s going to be incredible.” We know we’re looking forward to seeing what they get up to over the festive season, and we hope it is the first of many for them as they seem like the perfect couple!

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