Birds feature surprisingly frequently in dreams, and they bring with them great amounts of symbolism. When interpreting a bird-themed dream, one needs to consider things like the type of bird, whether it was domesticated or wild, whether it was flying, being held or if it was at rest. The colour of the bird may also be important. There really is a great deal to consider.

Birds in Dreams

Birds in Dreams


Let's start with the most obvious angle - a bird in flight. Flight is typically a representation of freedom and thus, according to the experts, a bird in flight is usually said to represent your independence and strength. The type of bird could also be significant here, with raptors and birds of prey typically representing these characteristics at their most fully developed and powerful. As opposed to say a hen or a sparrow, which are without a doubt able to fly, but in a less elegant and grandiose manner. These kinds of birds could suggest struggles or concerns in the quest for independence or doubts about inner strength. 

The complete opposite of a bird in flight is a bird in a cage. Generally, birds in dreams are seen as good omens or signs, but a caged bird does not fit this archetype. Caged or domestic birds in dreams usually represent themes of oppression, hopelessness and uncertainty. taken even further, if there is one caged bird that is surrounded by a multitude of free birds (on the outside of the cage), then it is feelings of loneliness or even judgement that are being represented. 


Another way in which birds often appear in dreams is when they are being held. Standard logic dictates that if you dream about catching a bird or having one fly into your hand that it represents opportunity or luck. If you have had a dream where you are holding a bird, know that your subconscious is telling you to be on the lookout for chances to seize the opportunity that is in front of you that you may not be noticing. 

Finally, it is important to consider what the bird is doing in your dream. A singing bird, or even just the sound of birdsong is often representative of loneliness and the quest to find a partner. And if it is not about love, then it is probably still about social connection. It is a calling to the flock and to others. It symbolizes a desire to connect with people or a community of which you are a part but from which you are apart.


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