Consider the common phrase- ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’- are you neglecting your health? Do you need to take better care of yourself by eating more natural foods?

Credit: : Sergei Malgavko/Tass/PA Images

Credit: : Sergei Malgavko/Tass/PA Images

With that said- if the apple was big and juicy, perhaps you are in good health and your dream is urging you to continue with your new diet and lifestyle.

If there was a worm in the apple- you may have a traitor in your midst- someone is trying to eat away at something from the inside- a person is working against you inside your organisation perhaps.

A half-eaten apple could represent feelings of lack of fulfilment- do you need to do something more in your life to feel like you’re making the most of it?

Perhaps you need to look at the full picture before making any decisions rather than just a snippet.

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A spoiled or rotten apple could mean that you have missed an opportunity to do something. The dream could be telling you to seize opportunities as they happen rather than letting them pass you by.

If you dream of applesauce, this might reflect your simple tastes. It could also be telling you that you’re not taking the time to fully digest something- you are trying to hurry something along and want immediate results.

Consider the colour of the apple in your dream- red apples are often synonymous with romance and sexual desire. If you are single- there may be a new lover on the horizon or if you are attached- you might feel happier in your relationship- emotionally or sexually.

If you were cutting up and apple- this could be reminiscent of your generosity to others- are you giving them too much of yourself to the point of neglecting your own needs? Or do you need to be more passionate to those around you?

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If you dream about mousse, it’s possible that you are taking things too lightly- in other words you are not taking life too seriously right now. You are being too casual, airy or carefree about a situation that demands the exact opposite from you.

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