Many people dream about catching fish - the big one that either got away or that was landed after a glorious fight. For some fish are sport. For some they are dinner. To some they are scaly and scary creatures of the deep. They mean different things to different people. They also tend to appear in dreams from time-to-time. And when they do, what do they symbolise? We are here to look at what it means if you wake up in the morning with a dream of a fish still fresh in your mind.

Dreams Fish

Dreams Fish

Abundance and prosperity

Fish are often associated with abundance and prosperity. Perhaps this dates back to the famous biblical story  of the fishes and loaves. Dreaming of fish may signify that you are entering a period of abundance and good fortune in your waking life. It could symbolize financial gains, career success, or the fulfilment of your desires.

Emotional depth and the subconscious

Fish are creatures that dwell beneath the surface, symbolizing the depths of our emotions and the subconscious mind. Dreaming of fish may suggest that you need to explore and understand your emotions on a deeper level. It could indicate a need for self-reflection and introspection. In short many people think that dreams about fish are a way for you to try to access your hidden desires, insecurities or the wild and feral parts of yourself that lurk below the surface in your subconscious.

Adaptability and flexibility

Fish are known for their ability to navigate through water effortlessly, representing adaptability and flexibility. Dreaming of fish may signify that you are adaptable and open to change. It could be a reminder to embrace new situations and be willing to adjust your approach. As we all know fish appear to move with grace and comfort through their environment – be it in the sea, a goldfish pond or swimming upstream to spawn like salmon. The experts at say fish dreams are indications of how you are able to ‘navigate through challenges with ease and grace’.

Spiritual and symbolic transformation

In some belief systems, fish hold spiritual significance and are associated with transformation and renewal. Dreaming of fish could indicate that you are undergoing a spiritual awakening or personal transformation. It may symbolize a period of growth and development in your life.

Fertility and Creativity

Fish are often linked to fertility and creativity due to their ability to reproduce abundantly. Dreaming of fish may represent a desire for fertility or creative expression. It could be a sign that you are longing to nurture and bring forth new ideas, projects, or relationships. In fact, it could also mean that you are pregnant. Speaking to expert dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg says fish dreams are most likely to occur during the first trimester or if you're trying to conceive. She says the fish itself represents the foetus, while the water signifies the womb.

There is plenty more that dream experts have to say about fish-related dreams. We have simply look at the symbolism of the fish, but it is possible to delve a little deeper and find more meaning by looking at things like:

-        Are you swimming with fish?

-        What type of fish are you dreaming about? A barracuda is very different symbolically to a koi.

-        Are you eating the fish, or is it trying to eat you?

-        Is it in the water? And if so, what details are there about the water?

Perhaps that is something for next time...