Blankets are a symbol of warmth- if you are giving someone the cold shoulder or indeed someone is ignoring you then you may be seeking warmth or want to pass this on as a means of counteracting the coldness.

Westend61 GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

Westend61 GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

Blankets are also associated with love, warmth, security, protection and shelter from something. If you are feeling threatened either emotionally or physically then you may be seeking the comfort of putting something between you and a person or situation- a barrier if you will.

It’s possible you are feeling defenceless against something or someone in your waking hours as a blanket could indicate how fragile the barrier you’re putting up is.

You may also crave the comfort of someone else if you are feeling lonely and you want to be cared for by another.

It could suggest that you are hiding something from yourself or from someone else if you are feeling guilty or embarrassed about an action or comment.

Are you covering up something from the past? You might be holding a secret safe for someone or keeping something about yourself close to your chest.

If there was a baby blanket in your dreamscape then you may need to appease your inner child or if you have a little one- you might need to spend more time offering them the comfort they yearn for.

If you were wrapped in a blanket then you may be fearful of the unknown. Perhaps you are too afraid to look and see what you have to deal with so you're imagining it to be far worse than it actually is.

If you were wrapping up someone else in a blanket, then you may be ready to care for another- a special someone- it depends on whether you recognised the person in your dream.

When someone gives you a blanket in your dreams, they may wish to protect you in your waking life. If you are feeling vulnerable right now then it might be wise to let them take care of you while you need it most.

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