To see a flower garden in your dreamscape represents tranquillity, comfort, love and domestic bliss. Do you need to be more nurturing towards your partner, your family or even yourself?

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

If the garden was covered in weeds, this suggests that you may have neglected some part of yourself and it will take a lot of time and effort to get back to a happier place.

If the garden had tropical plants in it- this could be because you crave more warmth and comfort from your surroundings, from someone close to you or just some time away from home.

If you were gardening- this can be connected to your work and your career. Think about how you felt while you were gardening in the dream and this might relate to an issue you are having in your professional life right now.

Gardens can also represent something that is growing or developing in your life. This could be a relationship, a career, a hobby or a project. You might be growing in a new area of your life; however, you have to have patience to see it through. Especially if the flowers were small and newly planted.

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Tending to a garden in a dream could be symbolic of you tending to yourself- if you are taking better and regular care of your body and your health.

When a garden is flooded- it’s possible you are feeling overwhelmed at present and overloaded with information- are you being too enthusiastic with your new project?

However if there were streams and fountains in the garden, this is a more positive sign as things are constantly moving on for you. You are never stagnant and always heading in the right direction at a good pace.

More simply, you may just need to spend more time in the outdoors if you are cooped up for most of your waking hours. It might be wise to set foot outside, take a deep breath and enjoy what nature has to give.

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Do you believe you have what it takes to overcome this obstacle either physically or mentally? If so, perhaps the dream is telling you to get started. If not- maybe you need to recruit some help from a professional or a trusted friend to deal with whatever problem it is you are facing. Consider who was with you in the dream as this might be the very person who can assist you in escaping your dilemma or undoing what has gone wrong for you. The dream could be a pun for shedding light on a situation in your life. Perhaps you are able to see something more clearly now that you struggled to make sense of before. If you were standing outside a shed but wouldn’t enter it and put the tools to good use, perhaps you are able to do something about a situation in your waking hours but you refuse to...

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