If you see a busy kindergarten in your dream, it’s possible you have a packed few weeks or months ahead of you. You might have a lot to do at work and will expend a lot of energy on the project at hand as a result.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

If the kindergarten was empty then you may be looking forward to some time of peace and tranquillity in your near future. You might feel bored and lonely during this time so you may need to make an extra effort with your social life.

If you don’t have children and you dream about a kindergarten, it’s possible you will have to deal with something that is unfamiliar to you or strange in the next few months.

If you were playing with children in a kindergarten in your dreamscape, it’s possible you need to refocus on the professional side of your life if you have been doing the bare minimum.

If you were playing either with other children or on your own in a kindergarten, then you may be ‘playing’ or ‘toying’ with a new idea or starting a new project. Your mind may be consumed with ideas right now while you decide if you want to take this concept to fruition.

If you dreamed of going back to kindergarten, then you may need to connect more with your inner child if you have been taking things too seriously of late.

If you were afraid when you were in the kindergarten, then memories or insecurities that arose at this time might still be affecting you now. You may need to address these issues in order to move on in your adult life.

Kindergartens can also represent a transitional phase in your life so if you are going through some big changes- it could simply be that they are playing on your mind.

Finally, you might have been thinking about your younger years lately or reminiscing about them with someone who went through them with you.

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It could simply be that you are bringing your work home and are always thinking about it, even when you are off duty. If you have a responsible role or are one of the only people who is qualified to do a specific task in your place of work, this might be why you can't switch off. Do you need to plan in some down time? Perhaps you are feeling some anxiety about a current task or project. Do you need to ask for help from co-workers to complete it? The dream could be a pun for ‘get back to work’. If you have been doing the bare minimum lately- it might be time to put in more effort than you have been. People might have started to notice that your heart isn’t in it anymore. Your job could be at risk...

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