Dreaming about your mum is generally about an aspect of your character that is full of wisdom but also caring, nurturing and acceptance.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps you have been coaching, teaching or caring for someone lately or someone has asked you for advice on a topic you are well rehearsed in.

Mothers are often associated with unconditional love and affection. It might be that you have shown someone this side of yourself while you have been passing on your knowledge or been a caretaker.

If you dream about anger between you and your mum, it's usually a sign that you will encounter conflict within your waking life. If you feel you are on the cusp of an argument with someone at work or at home, this could be why it manifested itself as arguing with your mum.

If you are going through a particularly stressful time, this can have an impact on the people whom you most rely on for support. If this is your mum, then perhaps you can foresee some negative emotions coming out around her if you aren't coping with the stress all that well.

If your mother was trying to hurt you with words in your dream this could be a reflection of the anxiety you feel about the relationship with you mother ordinarily.

To have a conversation with your mother in your dream suggests that you have some unresolved issues with her that need to be addressed.

If you saw and heard your mother cry in your dream it could mean that there are some unfortunate events on the horizon involving your family.

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It might be that your mother is struggling right now, and you want to help her. Perhaps she represented you or someone else in your life who is going through a hard time and you have a desire to comfort them- but perhaps feel you can't for whatever reason.

It's possible that your mother has finally acknowledged a problem that she's been repressing, and her crying was a means of emotional cleansing in your dream- a release of everything she has been keeping locked up. Does she need to do this in reality?

If you were able to comfort her then this could be a positive sign- perhaps your mother is finally escaping her negative thinking patterns.

When your mother dies in your dreamscape it’s linked with feelings of neglect. Perhaps you think your mother or a motherly figure in your life isn’t looking after your needs as much as they could be. She is not being as compassionate as you’d like.

To dream that you are a mother when you aren’t is a reminder to you to be more caring towards others. Your indifference hasn’t gone unnoticed.

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Perhaps you have some issues with your own father and the dream is a reflection of the problems that are ongoing in your relationship. How can you deal with these? Do you want to or would you rather walk away? The dream might be telling you to stand up for yourself- the way your father would or should if you needed him to. Has something got out of control in your waking hours? The dream could be a reminder to you that you need to do something about whatever it is that is spiralling out of control. Maybe you need to begin to tackle the things you feel you have no control over. This might require you to be more realistic or practical. On the flipside, the dream might be related to decisions you don’t want to make in your life right now. Perhaps you have a decision to make that doesn’t feel right but it needs to be made regardless...

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