When you dream about pie, it's generally a sign of hard work- meaning you will need to put in a lot of effort before you will see the benefits. Things won’t come easily for you but it will be worth it.  

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

You may have put in the effort already and want some sort of reward for all your hard work. Perhaps you think you are not getting the recognition for the work you've invested from your superiors and think you deserve some sort of acknowledgement whether that be verbal of financial.

Perhaps you don't feel like you are getting your fair share of the pie at home or at work. In other words, you may have strong feelings of entitlement right now which may or may not be justified.

If part of the pie was missing then maybe you feel you aren’t reaching your full potential or are missing out on something in your waking hours. Or it’s possible you think someone else is taking something away from you either openly or behind your back.

You might feel the need to self soothe or crave some contentment if you are in a negative place or have received some bad news lately. You may feel in the mood to overindulge or alternatively, you may have indulged too much recently and need to dial things back a bit.

Another interpretation is that you have dreams that go way beyond the possible- it might be time to be more realistic in your aspirations rather than having ‘pie in the sky’ ideas.

One final thought process is that you have the potential to fulfil a dream, but only by dividing up the responsibilities as you are unable to do everything yourself. It may be time to start asking for help from those around you in order for your idea to come to fruition.

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