To see a shell in a dream represents your need or desire to be protected or sheltered from something in your waking life. Is this the best approach in the long term? Or will you have to face whatever it is eventually? Would sooner be better than later?

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Perhaps you are closing yourself off to those dearest to you and keeping your feelings and emotions inside. Is it time to let them out and trust the person you’re with romantically, your friend or your family?

Are you wearing a mask and only showing people the person you want them to see while hiding the true you?

Shells are from the sea so they are thought to represent the unconscious mind. If you have been ignoring what’s buried deep down inside, it might be the ideal moment to bring it to the surface and explore those feelings or motivations.

If the shell was delicate or broken then you may be feeling vulnerable right now and susceptible to hurt. However, if the shell was hard then you may have developed strong defence mechanism to protect yourself from harm. By doing this are you blocking out those who don’t want to hurt you? Those who want to love you but you won’t let yourself be emotionally available to them?

Shells are discarded from some marine animals so it’s possible you feel you no longer need something in your waking life and it’s time to let go of whatever it is that you’ve been carrying around with you all this time.

Alternatively, if you were collecting shells on a beach you may find great treasure where other people see waste. Or do you see the best in people when others see the worst first?

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