To dream that you have a tattoo suggests you like to stand out from the crowd and be individual, so your dreamscape could be telling you to be true to who you are and embrace it if you aren't doing this fully already. 



You try your best to be different from everyone else even if you don’t have any tattoos in real life. Is it worth exploring why you have this innate need to set yourself apart from the rest and where it comes from?

Try to remember what the tattoo was of as this will give you greater insight into the meaning of the dream.

More negatively, a tattoo in a dream could represent something that is happening in your waking hours that is having a long-lasting effect or impression on you. Perhaps you never imagined it would but it continues to haunt you.

Maybe something you thought was permanent is no longer- it can indeed be undone, but it will be a difficult process and leave you with scars all the same. 

If your partner has a tattoo in your dream- they may be trying to express how they are feeling to you in a non-conventional way. Perhaps they need you to pay close attention to them right now because how they are feeling is having a detrimental effect on your relationship.

Have you been ignoring them lately or not devoting much of your time to them? If so- then you may need to make them a priority again. Are you grateful for the romantic gestures they are sending your way? 

If you were a tattoo artist- you may have tastes and preferences that are off-putting to others. If you have taken things to the extreme- do you need to dial it back a little? Or are you happy to wait for people to come along who share your values and likes?

If you do this for a living- the dream is simply a reflection of who you are and what you do on a day to day basis.

A large tattoo in a prominent place implies that you are looking for attention. Who do you want it from and why do you feel you need it? Are they worth all of this time and energy?

Perhaps you simply want to be noticed for your achievements and actions if those who should be praising you have failed to do so.

A tattoo that has links to your past could mean that you are proud of what has gone before, and you want to share your previous experiences with those closest to you.

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